Inspiration from Service Design Global Conference 2014

We are at the dawn of ‘Consumer Healthcare’
— Low Chaew Hwei from Philips Healthcare
We started labs to move out of our comfort zone.
— Mia Kleregård from the monopole government run alcohol vendor Systembolaget
The human is deeply qualitative. There is where the deep value, – the ‘premium value’ – is created and this is predominantly done through design.
— Nathan Shedroff, Associate Professor and Program Chair, Design MBA Program
VCs are starting to recognize it. Design is not just an afterthought, but the new core discipline to value creation.
— Denis Weil, ex McDonald's Corporate Vice President, Concept + Design

This year's Service Design Global Conference was full of inspiring talks and workshops. These are my four takeaways:

  1. Services have to move towards interconnect sustainable systems.

  2. Established corporations are launching innovation labs activities to explore new customer needs faster and with positive brand effects. 

  3. Customer involvement will increase with the adoption of smartphones, even in healthcare where a new market for "consumer healthcare" will emerge. We see similar change in other industries, which I would call "consumer transport/mobility" and "consumer finance".

  4. Service designers have proven their "value creation" capabilities beyond the classical  "value add". This leads to the emerging acknowledgement of design as a driving discipline for innovation, particularly in silicon valley where the new trend of "VC design" can be observed.