The makers' Christmas present

A carefully crafted present went to everybody who has trusted and invested in a partnership with us – cracking ‘the hard nuts’ together.


We are usually approached to solve strategic innovation challenges. Our passion is to always look for the smartest way to crack these 'hard nuts'. Building on this saying, we decided to gift our clients the smartes nutcracker we could imagine.

We designed a three-steps dialogue:



A wooden teaser card with one engraved question: “How to crack the hardest nuts?”



The single piece nutcracker in a specially cut and milled oak plank. We milled placeholders for a nut and the nutcracker in each box and laser-engraved illustrations as a little how-to manual.



Homemade wooden Christmas cards as well as more nuts to be cracked.  



Along the way we were happy to strengthen our partnerships with the following amazing firms in Berlin:

Contributors: Theo Steinhardt, Kai Töpel, Vaatika DabraLukas Golyszny