Leadership and Team Structure – a follow up to our SXC Barcamp Session


Arguably, Design Thinking and hence Service Design are based on a participatory understanding of leadership and expertise. At Service Innovation Labs, we are faced with the challenge to preserve a collaborative and egalitarian culture and at the same time introduce organizational structure that supports and enables us to handle a wider range of projects.

Seizing the opportunity to talk with the Service Design crowd at the Service Experience Camp 2014, we took this challenge into a Barcamp Session.

Now, we took the time to reflect on it and it is clear: we barely touched the surface of this super interesting topic!

 Discussing pros and cons of different team structures

Discussing pros and cons of different team structures


A recap

As a quick reminder and for those of you who got to enjoy another interesting Barcamp session, here’s a quick run down of our discussion. To start off the discussion, we shared our own learnings from the past year of „prototyping“ leadership models and team structures at Service Innovation Labs. Basically, we have tried three different models so far ranging from total democracy within a team (self-managed team) to the classic project leader structure. For the second half of the workshop we split up into groups to discuss more specific areas of interest within the broader topic of leadership.


You can also find our presentation on Slideshare!


Great response – thank you!

We are still amazed at how many people joined our session (it must have been around 40!). Seeing how many of you are facing the same challenge in your own work environment confirmed and motivated us to dig deeper into exploring new work models. It was a short 60 minutes of discussion considering the dimension and importance of the questions at hand. But even in this short time, we saw a lot of potential in the quick discussions, both in the big and smaller groups.

 Lively group discussions

Lively group discussions

Contributors: Matthias Beikert and Nina Birri