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Every new idea starts with a problem. Getting mobility right for us was one of them.

Having a car at your disposal can be helpful, no matter if you need to get to a meeting last minute or have to move things for the summer party. However, buying or leasing a company car was not something we wanted to do for various reasons, like managing the key (which can be a hassle, seriously). Since most of us are avid users of free float carsharing services we were wondering if there was something similar existing for businesses.
Turns out, there are a number of providers for ‘corporate carsharing’ offering different services for small and big companies. However, it takes a while to get an understanding of the differences between the offerings if you have never dealt with the topic before. So we were wondering… why is there no easier way to quickly compare and find the right provider?

We decided to just go for it and create a place where you can find all the info about corporate carsharing you really need.  

Today, we’re happy to present to you our newest side project: – the place to find the right corporate carsharing solution for your company. By choosing the benefits that matter the most to you, we can help you to identify the most suitable provider for your company. Besides, our newsfeed and e-mail newsletters will keep you in the loop if you like.

Stay tuned to find out about some new features like interviews with industry influencers as well as an event calendar.

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