How to get a hang of service innovation


Hi, I’m Lara. This summer I had the chance to intern at SI Labs and get a glimpse of what it means to create services and business models from scratch.

During my stay I mainly worked on a project dealing with the design and development  of a mobile app for one of Germany’s leading mobility brands. I focussed on marketing and public relations – creating copy for the app, website, letters and emails to the customers, as well as different press releases. Apart from that, I had a chance to better understand project management, a field which is actually way more complex than I thought. Using kanban boards, to see the entire project at one glance and retrospectives, to evaluate finished projects and draw lessons from it, are really helpful methods that I hadn’t really used before.

 Working with Kanban Boards.

Working with Kanban Boards.


Something that stroke me by surprise is how often l had to leave my comfort zone to get my work done. For example, at one point I had to actually program something although I’m usually the last person to volunteer for programming even simple if/then – functions in Excel. Seeing something so complex like a codebase of an app actually working was one of my highlights at SI Labs.

A fact which I greatly appreciated as well, is that I was given a lot of responsibility from day one and could act very independently. Also I had the opportunity to get a glance and work in other projects. Thereby, I learned a lot about different approaches to projects and the facets of service and business design.

One big difference, I noticed compared to other places I have worked at, is that at SI-Labs the team is the star. This is apparent every single minute of the day. Hierarchies are flat, there are team lunches, breakfasts and dinners and every time everyone’s opinion matters. For example in the past couple weeks, the matter of implementing a new structure for organising the company arose. Upon deciding wether or not and how to do this, the founders started an open discussion with everyone.

All in all, I realised, that I greatly enjoy working in a relatively small team in a creative environment. A fact which was pretty surprising to me, since I always pictured myself working for a big company.