Celebrating 1000 Alternative Leaders


We started as a small group of people, who are interested in new leadership and organizational forms. Now we are growing to a big inspiring community and today we are celebrating a huge milestone: we are officially 1000 members strong.

Over the past year, we have organized 5 meetups with over 300 participants in total. Many great speakers have shared their knowledge and experience. Furthermore, they have been enjoying a valuable feedback about their work from the community. Here are some of the topics, we have covered in the past:

  • Tobias Leonhardt from Zalando Technology and Sebastian Klein from Blinkist shared with us their experiences with Holacracy.

  • In his talk Jan Eppers, founder of the PR agency Frische Fische, told us how they introduced the four-day workweek within their company one year ago.

  • Christian Brath from MovingIMAGE24 GmbH introduced their framework MISS and shared with us how they made agile work for managing their company.

  • Christiane Brandes-Visbeck gave us a deep dive into changing individual leadership styles in the digital age. In her talk, she introduced us to the Digital Leadership Canvas, a tool developed to better understand your individual leadership skill set.

We are planning on continuing the series by bringing great people together. You can help us make these events more about you. Fill out this short survey to tell us how we can make the meetup better. Tell us more about the topics, which you’re interested in and suggest speakers, who you would like to meet.

Let’s celebrate this milestone together! You can help us grow the community by sharing this blog post with your network or inviting your friends to join us on Meetup. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our next event.