5th Alternative Leadership Meetup - 4-Day Workweek and Co-living


During our latest alternative leadership and team organization meetup, we've covered two hot topics:

  1. 4-day workweek
  2. Co-living

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by Jan Eppers, owner of Frische Fische

Four-day workweeks are growing in popularity. Is it possible that working less can increase our productivity and helps us retain talented workers, who are seeking more free time? What do you need to consider when you implement a compressed workweek and how can you make the most out of it? 

In his talk Jan Eppers, founder of the PR agency Frische Fische, told us how they introduced the four-day workweek within their company one year ago.




by Christoph Fahle, CEO at Betahaus Berlin

The way that people are choosing to live and work is constantly changing. Co-living borrows all the great concepts of co-working and applies them to living environments. Sharing an apartment with others is nothing new. However, due to increasing rents and scarce living places, co-living companies are trying to turn this trend into successful businesses.

Christoph Fahle from Betahaus Berlin shared his experience of staying in a recently opened co-living space in Bali for 5 weeks.