Service Innovation Labs at Intersection’15 & DMI:DMCE


Join us at this year’s Intersection & DMI:DMCE conference to discuss our learnings and opinions on cross-cultural service design and design education.

On Tuesday, Nihan and Ben will discuss 'FuturEd – Envisioning The Design Programme of the Future’ at 1:30PM. The 3-hour workshop, hosted by Iain Aitchison will try to find some answers on the big questions of future design education programs.
Our lovely Nihan, who’s currently looking into different ways of bringing lean methods into larger cooperation as part of her graduate thesis in strategic product design, will give her perspective as a student on the current state of design curricula. Having studied design at three universities himself Ben will give his opinion on t-shaped skill sets and why they should be part of interdisciplinary design programmes in the future.

Next up, Eva and Marcel present our learnings on cross-cultural service design in the session ‘Design to align to different cultural contexts’ at Intersection on Thursday (11:15 – 12:00, Room 4).
In one of our recent projects we were faced with the challenge to transfer a service concept from the European to the Chinese market. In their session, Eva and Marcel will touch on the key challenges we faced to bridge the cultural gap, how we employed user centric design methods and which learnings we gathered along the way that helped to avoid pitfalls.

To sum it up:

  • Nihan & Ben – 'FuturEd – Envisioning The Design Programme of the Future’ at 1:30PM on Tuesday
  • Eva and Marcel – ‘Design to align to different cultural contexts’ at 11:15 on Thursday in Room 4

If you’re still thinking about getting a ticket, have a look at Service Design Berlin’s Facebook page, they might have a little surprise in store for you.

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