1st Meetup - Alternative Leadership & Team Organization


This digital world calls for changed mindsets about the way we work together. You can find a lot of publications and events to topics like "Leadership" or "New Work" at the moment. But what are just elusive buzzwords and what real trends? What can companies do to be prepared for upcoming challenges and create a desireable environment for their employees?

To find answers on that we want to invite you to our first meetup about "Alternative Leadership & Team Organization" on the 5th Februrary. The event takes place in our Berlin office and will happen on a regular basis from now on.

For our first event we are more than happy to have the following two speakers:


Julian Vester, founder of the Hamburg based digital agency Elbdudler, will talk about participatory management in companies. What if employees can decide about their salaries, amount of holidays and which clients the agency is working for? Julian applied exactly this model in his company and will share some experiences with us. 


Our second speaker, Andreas Wenninger is the COO at the IT company Synaxon. At Synaxon, important company decisions are made by the employees using the software Liquid Feedback (LQFB). This open source tool was invented by members of the German party "Piratenpartei" to make basis democracy practicable. In his talk, Andreas will tell us how this method can be applied in companies.

After the talks there will be time to get to know each other, sharing thoughts and of course having a drink.

The location is limited to 50 people. If you are interested in joining the event please rsvp on our Meetup page or send us a mail.

We are looking forward to have you here!!