4th Alternative Leadership Meetup – Making agile work


In our first Alternative Leadership meetup in 2016 we covered:

  1. Managing a business with scrum
  2. Peer feedback
  3. Job sharing

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Managing a business with scrum

by Christian Barth, MovingIMAGE24 GmbH

Although widely known for project management, agile methods are usually not used for organising entire companies. However, there is a growing group of organisations that try to apply scrum for managing their businesses.


Peer Feedback

by Andreas Hertel, Hypoport AG

We're all aware that feedback is crucial for self-development but giving and receiving meaningful feedback can often be very low priority when being caught up in project work. So what is needed to establish a feedback culture that includes and benefits everyone?


Job Sharing

by Steffen Welsch & Yannic Franken, Tandemploy GmbH

Sharing your job with someone else might sound unconventional when you first hear it. But wouldn’t it be nice to have some more time for you friends, family and self-development?